Build towards better, for everyone.

We strive to bring greater clarity in all we do, providing improved transparency, ownership, access and insight to inform smarter decisions. Kitspace values connections, openness , empowerment and accountability.

Our purpose is to create better processes and workflows that revolutionize how things are done and deliver improvements throughout the supply chain. Kitspace provides a platform that coordinates work and decisions for all stakeholders, resulting in frictionless project execution. We want to support our teams, both internal and external, by empowering them to contribute to something better.

Kitspace strives to be a catalyst for positive change, one that encourages and elevates with every interaction. We’re more than just a platform – we’re a commitment to choice, certainty and success for everyone. Our continual and lasting purpose centres on improving the way we work to create unity and surpassing the expectations placed upon us by every person we serve, whether by our teams, our partners or end-users.

We have a real opportunity to build something both powerful and meaningful.

We can build collaboration, understanding, progress and people when we build homes, businesses and communities.

Client Projects

Vancouver (HQ)

1575 W Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC
V5B 0B4

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New York

220 36th St 2A
Brooklyn, NY

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