Why is it that on construction sites it seems that on any day, in any city, anywhere in the world – there are thousands of competent workers standing next to thousands of uncompleted tasks, doing absolutely nothing about them?

“it’s not my job”

“What’s the point, the company doesn’t pay me to do more”

“He always does less than me everyday and we’ll get paid the same”

“It’s a gong-show around here, no one knows where anything is”

Well what if when a worker finds a pile of boxes in their way, instead of seeing a problem they just see an opportunity:

Open up the Werka mobile app – select the work item, claim the task.

Using the site applied barcodes, scan both the location and the box, move it to where it is needed and re-scan at destination. Document its condition by taking a photo when prompted.

When all task conditions are met, the payment is instantly credited to the users account.

In the past I have personally allocated and issued millions of dollars worth of labour payments to site based workers for the execution of simple defined tasks, with little or no control over productivity or accountability.

” I knew my existing construction business could only scale to its full potential with access to a completely self-organizing and motivated workforce comprised of independent skilled trades people.

I needed more site work complete, not more work being supervised – I needed Kitspace.

Client Project

&CO by ARPEG Group

And-Co is a purpose-built workspace delivering a world-class, innovative environment that is flexible, fully-integrated & beautiful.  Each office includes all you require to do business well. We’re devoted to creating tailored workspaces that leave nothing to be desired. Conceived by award-winning architecture firm BVN, global leaders in liquid office space, our space features floor upon […]

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Client Project

Cardero By Bosa Properties

Designed by the award-winning Vancouver-based architecture firm Henriquez Partners Architects, the unique building was envisioned to establish a gateway into the downtown core and in response to the distinct character of the surrounding areas. The slender 26-storey residential building located at the corner of Georgia and Cardero street, features distinctive screens and a collection of […]

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