A scalable approach to site installation with direct sourced material & labour dispensed just-in-time to the workface.

Kitspace enables installers to plot & execute tasks room-by-room to align with key project deliverables.

Kitspace brings a new approach to the completion of tasks that reflects the needs of the modern workforce. The use of technology provides greater interaction and control, directly connecting individual performance to reward and recognition.

The Werka app allows staff to access an active list of outstanding tasks tailored to their area of expertise, enabling informed decision-making on what tasks to do next. Kitspace also provides the opportunity to incentivise staff and make additional payments for the completion of specific tasks.

Take control of the working day with a streamlined process that increases output while reducing risk and facilitates improved billing and faster payments.

Kitspace delivers real-time updates throughout the installation process, providing end-to-end material inventory management and on-site package tracking to help budgeting and resource planning. Site teams have full transparency of the progress of individual tasks, enabling immediate updates to work scheduling and valuable insight to decision-makers.

Kitspace eliminates the need for traditional negotiated sub-contract models with its’ propriety technology enabling users to complete work directly.

The shared platform allows project owners the opportunity to communicate directly with every individual contributor and eliminates the reliance on face-to-face instruction for workers on site.

Kitspace enables the accurate measurement of trade contractors activity and progress, allowing for project amendments should budget or timings change.


Conflict free construction.

Kitspace delivers a powerful searchable record of all completed work.

Helping track progress, provide accurate data to validate payment claims and identify faults. Enhanced data will improve output, reduce risk and protect cashflow.

Trade Contracting Users

Construction Managers

Accurately measure site productivity to manage costs and optimize resource efficiency. With Kitspace you will have greater end to end visibility and can introduce more individual accountability for the execution of assigned tasks.

Equipping construction management teams with regular qualitative data on project progress enables them to manage resources more effectively and have a more active role in ensuring successful project delivery. Embed OEM suppliers within your project framework with an on-demand execution platform that eliminates unnecessary costs and protects margins.

Labour Contractors

Your installation team will maintain productivity so you can maintain profitability.

Labour subcontractors often have to operate on tight margins calculating profitability using a cost-plus model with little interaction to the project itself. However, without oversight, small drops in productivity can have a huge impact on profit.

Site Workers

Gain greater control of your workday and workload to enable you to earn more.

The Werka mobile app reduces the need for face-to-face instruction, empowering staff to manage their own workload and motivating them via bespoke reward and recognition programmes. Tasks based on area of expertise are ordered and placed in context, enabling informed decision-making that safeguards progress and instils a greater sense of ownership.

Site work can be very frustrating, being held up by prolonged delays and being asked to complete tasks that are actually unachievable due to the site other conditions. This can lead to a disenfranchised workforce that is no longer invested in the successful execution of the project, ultimately undermining all attempts to complete construction on time and budget.

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