Close the loop from design & manufacturing to on-site assembly & after sales success.

Kitspace connects design and construction workflows to allow greater oversight and agility throughout the full project life cycle. A collaborative approach from the initial concept design through off-site manufacturing, on site construction and post completion customer care and asset management enables more choice and better organization.

Kitspace’s intuitive web portal enables designers to accurately document and publish all of their design intentions and requirements in a convenient shared project knowledge base.

Each and every sub assembly within the project can be fully defined and quantified in advance, with every stakeholder aligned on what the measures of end user success are.

Ensure insights gained from early design modelling are practically transferred to site teams to help identify and eliminate potential issues in advance of construction.

Provide a greater end user experience without adding cost or complexity.

Kitspace product-configurator tools can be used to connect the building design model to the owners sales & marketing portals to power more purchaser options and deliver enhanced levels of customization.

Design Users


With Kitspace you can be confident that your design creativity and intelligence will not be diluted or misinterpreted during execution. Architectural design models represent a lot of design thought, logic and effort that historically hasn’t always been successfully transitioned to the construction phase.

In conventional contracting cycles we know that 3D design models are not being leveraged to their full capacity during construction. Kitspace’s collaborative digital framework captures the creative inputs on interior design projects deliverables and plots a connected path between the design phase and execution.

Clearly defining desired outcomes in advance for every instance of a project deliverable enables greater accuracy and ensures resilience when faced with design change requests from clients.

Interior Designers

Kitspace is there to help you see your ideas become a reality. Contractors can sometimes miss the subtleties of interior design concepts, or assume they will be too expensive, often leading to creative input being lost unnecessarily.

As an architect or interior designer, you want to see your concepts made real, but traditional workflows often dilute or misinterpret those ideas so the end result bears little resemblance to the original concept.

Beyond IFC, there is often little or no visibility of the project execution, making it difficult to identify the decision-making process that led to the finished construction. Perhaps the original designs were misinterpreted, or perhaps the intended build sequence wasn’t compatible with the site works – without the opportunity for discussion, issues get forgotten and with them the opportunity to learn and improve.

Kitspace provides transparency and acts as a single source of intelligence throughout the project, allowing the design team to challenge assumptions and inform decisions impacting costs and scheduling.


Establish greater control over project costs. Estimators working for general contractors often receive designs without an accompanying bill of materials, leaving scope for vendors to interpret what’s needed and return inconsistent quotations.

The Kitspace APS service enables estimators to map design deliverables for each project in the client libraries, allowing for every occurrence of a specific object to be defined, quantified and costed in advance. Benchmark costs between current and past projects on a granular level and in context of vendor performance.

Client Project

&CO by ARPEG Group

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Client Project

Cardero By Bosa Properties

Designed by the award-winning Vancouver-based architecture firm Henriquez Partners Architects, the unique building was envisioned to establish a gateway into the downtown core and in response to the distinct character of the surrounding areas. The slender 26-storey residential building located at the corner of Georgia and Cardero street, features distinctive screens and a collection of […]

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