Convert insight to expertise

Develop a culture of ownership to drive transparency and accountability within your organization.

Kitspace creates a powerful searchable record of all work undertaken on a project, allowing for in-depth analysis of all development phases.

An operational framework that uses data to drive continuous improvement

Gain capacity to embrace emerging technologies such as AI and on-site automation as they grow in prominence.

Successful construction projects rely on harmonization between many moving parts; materials, labour, equipment and processes. Qualitative data translated to meaningful insight simplifies performance benchmarking and outcome comparisons to underpin better decisions.

Kitspace creates an environment where decisions are driven by data, removing ambiguity and reducing scope for conflict.

Introduce qualitative business intelligence to the common execution workflows of design and build to provide a solid foundation for sound decision-making.

A deep understanding of past performance can often be the key to future enhancements and the workflows available through Kitspace unlock insights and promote continuous improvements to enrich the experience for everyone involved. Service requests and replacement part orders can be placed simply via the Kitspace project webstore and data from previous projects, setting new standards for value and end-user satisfaction.

Client Representatives

Development Managers

You will have the ability to track your designs and buildings in place and measure their success in delivering what you intended.

Land developers rarely have the certainty that their original vision and brief is reflected in the finished building, depriving them of the opportunity for continuous improvement in their project cycles.

Kitspace closes the loop from design and manufacturing to construction and after-sales success, utilizing technology to eliminate errors, improve visibility and enhance customer service.

Customer Care Managers

Enjoy a frictionless path to delivering exceptional customer service to end users.

Customer Care Teams tasked with addressing the needs of end-users after project completion are often inhibited by their restricted access to replacement parts and materials, instead being left reliant on the original construction team engaging with their requests. Reduce response times and predict replacement orders more accurately with direct access to vendors via Kitspace.

A self-service platform providing seamless access to extensive site data to support after-sales operations and facilitate better management of faults on future projects.

Asset Managers

With Kitspace you can benefit from having direct access to accurate details of all materials and equipment installed in the building, with full certainty as to whom did what and when.

The construction industry currently does not have a recognized functioning system to accurately reconcile how the original design, manufacture, installation and operational plans of different project elements compare to their finished state. This exposes the project owner and other stakeholders to the uncertainty of managing an asset without complete and consistent data sets.

Kitspace addresses this by creating a unique searchable record for every design object, developing this as it passes through the different project phases to deliver accurate and robust data for every design object in the finished building.

Client Project

&CO by ARPEG Group

And-Co is a purpose-built workspace delivering a world-class, innovative environment that is flexible, fully-integrated & beautiful.  Each office includes all you require to do business well. We’re devoted to creating tailored workspaces that leave nothing to be desired. Conceived by award-winning architecture firm BVN, global leaders in liquid office space, our space features floor upon […]

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Client Project

Cardero By Bosa Properties

Designed by the award-winning Vancouver-based architecture firm Henriquez Partners Architects, the unique building was envisioned to establish a gateway into the downtown core and in response to the distinct character of the surrounding areas. The slender 26-storey residential building located at the corner of Georgia and Cardero street, features distinctive screens and a collection of […]

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