On demand access to large-scale industrial manufacturing.

Kitspace powers a two-sided market network that provides the purchasing framework and real-world support for transactions between independent project stakeholders.

Off-site manufacturing is now central to the growth strategies of many AEC organizations. Kitspace can facilitate the direct purchase, delivery and integration of these next generation building components. From specialty millwork, bathroom / kitchen pods and modular balconies, to on site robotics and 3D print services.

Kitspace represents a frictionless on-demand point of sale for large-scale OEM’s, enabling them to service major construction clients unburdened by the costs and complexity of a traditional distribution chain.


Material Suppliers

Kitspace enables you to have access to major construction project markets without having to go through intermediary contractors or dealerships.

The day to day realities of factory production teams are significantly different to those of site-based construction teams, often leading to a disconnect and lack of empathy between industrial manufacturers and contractors when operating under conventional contract structures.

Our centralized logistics spine enables end-to-end material inventory management, live package tracking and the monitoring of tasks, providing full transparency of real-time progress.

Client Project

&CO by ARPEG Group

And-Co is a purpose-built workspace delivering a world-class, innovative environment that is flexible, fully-integrated & beautiful.  Each office includes all you require to do business well. We’re devoted to creating tailored workspaces that leave nothing to be desired. Conceived by award-winning architecture firm BVN, global leaders in liquid office space, our space features floor upon […]

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Client Project

Cardero By Bosa Properties

Designed by the award-winning Vancouver-based architecture firm Henriquez Partners Architects, the unique building was envisioned to establish a gateway into the downtown core and in response to the distinct character of the surrounding areas. The slender 26-storey residential building located at the corner of Georgia and Cardero street, features distinctive screens and a collection of […]

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