Make all of your purchaser’s choices positive ones.

Suitepick is a suite-configurator tool that allows multi-family land developers to deliver an elevated customer service experience related to purchaser options and customizations.

Property marketers – Reduce the risk of errors and avoid homebuyer disappointment with Suitepick.

Connect your online project sales portal and marketing crm system directly with the construction execution process.

Buyers truly value the opportunity to select their own interior options and customizations. Delivering on those options can however be challenging in an environment where the construction team perceives those added requests as unnecessarily complex and costly.

Including Suitepick in your workflow ensures that there is a single authentic and accessible source of information for customer selections at all times across the whole project eco-system.

Buyer choices are reconciled and recorded against the primary transaction and clearly visible to all involved.

With a searchable log of all project choices including full change history, there will no longer be any confusion over who has requested what and when.

Suitepick allows you to set variable options and display unique offerings for each and every suite location.

Published options can also be time boxed and given expiry dates tied to the agreed requirements of the construction plan.

Valuable information and insight about individual customer selections including site progress reports is driven back upstream to help the customer success team better serve the needs of those individual buyers.

Contact us today to discover just how easy it is to integrate Suitepick with your existing sales processes.

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